Welding machine features


Welding machine features

First, the advantages of electric welding machine: electric welding machine uses electric energy to convert electric energy into heat energy instantaneously. Electricity is very common. Electric welding machine is suitable for working in dry environment. It does not require too much demand. Due to its compact size, simple operation, convenient use and speed. Faster, the weld is strong after welding and so on. It is widely used in various fields. It is especially practical for parts with high strength. It can instantly connect the same metal material (you can also connect dissimilar metals, but the welding method is different). The joints, after the heat treatment of the welds, have the same strength as the base metal and are well sealed, which solves the problem of sealing and strength for the manufacture of storage gas and liquid containers.

Second, the shortcomings of the electric welder: During the use of the electric welder, a certain magnetic field will be generated around the welder. When the arc burns, it will generate radiation to the surroundings. There are infrared light, ultraviolet light and other light species in the arc, as well as metal vapor and soot. Material, so you must do enough protective measures when operating. Welding is not suitable for the welding of high carbon steel. Due to the metal crystallization and segregation and oxidation of the weld metal, the welding performance is poor for high carbon steel, and it is easy to crack after welding, resulting in hot cracks and cold cracks. Low carbon steel has good welding performance, but it must be handled properly in the process. The rust cleaning is more cumbersome. Sometimes the weld will have defects such as slag cracking and perforation, but the operation will reduce the defect.

welding machine

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