Welding precautions


1. During welding and cutting operations, clean all inflammable and explosive materials within 10m of the working environment. Pay attention to the presence of flammable liquids and flammable gases in the trenches and sewers of the working environment, and whether it is likely to leak into the trenches and the sewers. Explosive substances, so as not to cause disasters caused by welding slag and metal Mars.

2. When welding at high altitude, it is forbidden to throw the electrode head. It should be isolated under the welding and cutting operation. The operation should be carefully and carefully checked to confirm that there is no fire hazard before leaving the site.

3. Gas cylinders that meet the relevant national standards and regulations should be used. Safety procedures should be strictly observed in the storage, transportation and use of gas cylinders.

4. Pipes for transporting flammable gas and combustion-supporting gas shall be installed, used and managed in accordance with regulations, and special safety technical training shall be provided for operators and inspectors.

5. When welding fuel containers and pipelines, the welding repair method should be determined according to the actual situation. When the replacement method is implemented, the replacement should be thorough, and the operation of the flammable substance should be strictly controlled. When the pressure-non-displacement method is implemented, a certain voltage should be maintained as required. The oxygen content should be strictly controlled during work. It is necessary to strengthen testing, pay attention to supervision, and have security organization welding wire

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