Classification and function of welding wire


Solder wire can be divided into: rosin core solder wire, no-clean solder wire, solid core solder wire, nickel-plated solder wire, single-core solder wire, water-soluble solder wire, solder aluminum solder wire, stainless steel. Solder wire, solder wire for mobile phone drag welding, zinc alloy solder wire; different solder wire functions are different, the following describes where the solder wire is used.

 welding wire

Solder wire action

The solder wire used for the soldering of the manual electronic device is composed of a tin alloy and an auxiliary agent. In the electronic soldering, the solder wire is matched with the soldering iron, and the high-quality soldering iron provides stable and continuous heat of fusion, and the solder wire serves as a filler. The metal is added to the surface and the gap of the electronic original device, and the fixed electronic original device becomes the main component of the solder. The composition of the solder wire is inseparable from the quality of the solder wire, which will affect the chemical properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the solder wire. A solder wire without an additive is not capable of soldering an electronic component because it does not have wettability and expandability. However, the welding will produce splashes, and the solder joints are not formed well. It has been developed for a long time that the performance of the additives affects the performance of solder wire soldering.

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